Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Osteria Dodici Rondini, April 2014

Whenever we just want to relax and have a great dinner out with no stress we go to Dodici Rondini
(12 Swallows) in Foligno.
The subtitle of Dodici Rondini is MANGIARE BERE PENSARE, gotta love it!

A simple with an attention to atmosphere restaurant, where I am sure to always have a home-cooked style dinner and enjoy the wine, music and local scene.

Damiano, the owner of Dodici Rondini is really passionate about wine and good local food.
In fact we often find ourselves at the same wine events (trade shows) tasting new wines for our venues.
Graziano's Chianina Burger

mis en place

Outside from the newly restored Piazza

Damiano, Proprietor & wine aficionado

While we don’t always have the same taste in wines, one thing we do have in common is that we like things to be as natural as possible.  

Let’s just say he likes the more “rustic” or rough around the edges, stinky wines, while I like the more pleasing on the nose and softer styles.

But this is what makes each wine list and establishment unique right?

cute label, but...

fresh seasonal artichokes

one of my favorite things is

Pane Burro & Alici 

(bread, butter,French, salted from Normandy & Spanish anchovies)

interesting ceramics with even more interesting toppings
sgombro on its own plate!

the musicians

late night local entertainment

for more info                                       http://www.osteriadodicirondini.it

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