Saturday, February 22, 2014

Calcabrina Winery, Montefalco, February 15, 2014

While we were at the Merano Wine Festival this year we came across this new wine from Montefalco.  Here’s some photo’s of our winery-in-progress visit.  
Garage Winery
For the moment this is a garage wine, and we like it that way.

some American Oak is always good

Pure Sagrantino 
custom sink

The Future Calcabrina Winery
Ettore, the Winery Dog taking a break
in the warm winter sun
Our host was owner and Vignaiolo Diego Calcabrina.  
Diego Calcabrina a true garagista
the Calcabrina Estate
They also make artisian goat’s milk cheese.

free range goats which provide the ingredients for delicious cheese
We really enjoyed both his wines they are now available at Vinosofia.

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