Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cucinà! February 15, 2014

One of my favorite places for many different things is Cucinà.  Cucinà translates to kitchen or cuisine in English and with the accented letter “A” means cuisine is. Cute huh?
Chef Andrea

To a Californian, the concept of Cucinà is nothing new, though for an Umbrian it’s quite avant-garde.  So you may ask what is it? Well it’s a lot of things, it’s a rotisserie, take-out, bakery, bar, casual dining, gourmet shop and they do cooking courses as well as various themed nights.
market style

Cucinà is collaboration between 2 Chefs, and a Sommelier.
The food is fantastic, the wines are quality / value driven,  and the atmosphere a buzzing hub of casual cool foodies.
Italian & Spanish
prosciutto & co.
a crisp white Bordeaux
finished the Bordeaux

The free-range roast chicken is one of my absolute favorites (notice the plural use of this word) as well as the in house cured salmon, a dark multigrain bread and….the list is always growing, the wine list is always evolving and the energy always positive.
multigrain bread & Cucinà cured salmon (2 of my best friends)
& French salted butter from Normandy

Chef Marco & Graziano

Once you start you’ll never stop trying all the tasty bits and sumptuous sips that are always available at Cucinà.
potato & polipo salad
fantastic aperitivo plate, with a pinzmonio dipping sauce

artisan cheese plate
Bon appetite!


  1. Such a great place. I really liked the cooking classes I did there. Cheers.

    1. Yes, I can't wait to try a class one day too. Thanks for your comment. Cheers!