Monday, February 10, 2014

Vinosofia, Spello, Summer 2013

gourmet gin & tonic

soooo Spello
young Pecorino cheese, fresh fave beans & Pecorino wine
Spello Laundry Day
rose window of San Claudio
blackberry torte 
crystal clean glassware
Sir Jon
our vegetarian plate with sun dried vegetables from Puglia
Paoletti Greyhound
friends of Vinosofia
a cosmo please!
some refreshing cocktails on the rocks
fresh figs from Spello
we recycle our corks
Festa Romana Poetry Reading
Special Guests at Vinosofia! The Romans were thirsty
Special Guest 
The Roman Parade took a detour into Vinosofia!
Ancient Olive Tree on the hills above Spello 
Lavander & Co.
Rosé & foie gras, what else?
Award for best window,
balcony and small street flower decoration,
part of the Infiorata
creative garden
summer wine at Vinosofia

artisan cheeses
Friends enjoying the bar
Graziano's drink of choice, Campari Gin
Paoletti Bitter Aperitivo
wall of the Santa Maria Maggiore Church garden on Via Consolare
Walls of Roman Forum
Roman Forum
Torre di Properzio
Caper Flower
wild capers grow on the town walls
Just Restored Arch of Torre Di Properzio 
Summer Wine Pairing

newlyweds relaxing after the wedding at Vinosofia
Vinosofia, Via Maddalena 1/A
Via Maddalena
outside Vinosofia  

red geraniums line the steps to guide you home
outdoor living in Spello
This is Piazza Kennedy, the 3 statues are called the "dolls" (bambolle) of Spello,
on the tower grows an olive tree that they say just grew on its own

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