Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Teatro Del Vino, meet the Winemakers, February 16, 2014

75 wines tasted from 12:20-16:30 ish
which included
13 Champagnes & Sparkling wines
28 Whites
29 Reds
4 Rosés
and 1 Desert
which was a delicious 
Recioto della Valpolicella Classico,
which Graziano noted was non stucchevole
(this is a hard one to translate, but you could say not sticky sweet).
Oh, just for the record, Graziano tasted about 85-90 wines total.
I won’t bore you with the tasting notes, because there were too many.  
I’ll just let the photos highlight some of our favorites.
Have I ever mentioned before that I truly love this career I’ve chosen for myself?
Well I’ll take this opportunity now to do so.  The world of wine is a never-ending discovery of tastes, grapes, places, and wonderful real people. 
Days like this make me truly understand how much I love my job.

new discovery... an Englishman in Champagne! An interesting
Blanc de Blancs reserve from Kent

Independent Italian Winemakers Federation, from Valpolicella (Veneto)
Amarone della Valpolicella from
Cantina Antolini, Marano 
here's where we were 

Ultra stylish Greco Di Tufo
Terroir with sulfur from Cantine Dell'Angelo, Tufo 
Cantine dell'Angelo
wine distribution-off the beaten path
a nice organic
Pinot Bianco

Greco with tuff rock
the super friendly sommelier
at the French wine table
this 2012 Condrieu (Viogner)
was a little watery,
but the aroma is so beautiful
Excellent Benoit Lahaye,
Naturessence, Champagne 2008

Dom.Christian Moreau,
the Chablis we liked
Christian Moreau, Chablis 
the scene in the courtyard of the Villa 
details on the outside
reception table of the Villa
Villa Castelletti, Signa, near Florence
Nusserhof, with his fantastic Lagrein
Riserva 2006 magnum, Bolzano
The Burgundy line up
Lopez de Heredia,  opening the Vina Gravonia
Blanco Crianza BIO, Haro, Rioja 
Lopez De Heredia
opening the 1994 Tinto Reserva
Nirina of Pierluigi Zampaglione with her Don Chisciotte, Fiano

This is David Couvreur holding his 2005
millesimal Blanc de Blancs,
an exceptional start to the tasting

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