Tuesday, February 11, 2014

La Quintana, Foligno, June 2013

One of my favorite events in Umbria is La Quintana.  It's festive, fun and you can find good food & value in a family style atmosphere.  Of course the absolute best part is the actual Quintana, which is a Medieval Giostra with fast horses, great costumes and a roaring crowd!  Buy your tickets well in advance.  In the center of the Tribune are the best seats.
In the historical center of Foligno there are 10 Rione's (districts/ neighborhoods)
Graziano's Lumache (snails)
and each one has their own Taverna.  Most feature typical Umbrian dishes sometimes wrote in the dialect of Foligno, so you'll need a translator.  The Folignate are very friendly and are proud to explain things to you.

chicken liver patè crostino
In the Taverns are adults and kids all working in traditional costumes. 

roasted potatoes

On the weekends it's best to make a reservation, come early for dinner 20:30 (Italian time) and stay late walking around.  
The Taverns are open 2 weeks prior to the Quintana and only for dinner.  I've ate at all of them and have always enjoyed something about each one.  Some have better meat, some better pork some better atmosphere, and the wine is simple and usually from Montefalco.
Lamb Skewers at Rione La Mora

This is an event not to be missed.  It happens every June and September.  On the Friday before La Quintana is the historical parade which passes through the historical center of Foligno.  Foligno has almost terminated it’s complete renovation of their streets, making it easy to walk around and looks great.  
If it rains it is cancelled until the following week.  In June it’s on a Saturday night and in September on Sunday afternoon.

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