Friday, March 21, 2014

Il Gallo Cedrone, Madonna di Campiglio, March 2, 2014

Of all the great meals and memories of our 2014 winter vacation the dinner at Il Gallo Cedrone was on the top of the list.
The food is truly amazing.  Each preparation is a work of culinary art.  Each mouthful is to be savored.  Each sip of wine, paired perfectly with each course, is unforgettable.  I wish this place was closer to home.

Giuseppe Greco,Wine Director & Expert Sommelier
of Il Gallo Cedrone

Giuseppe Greco is a picture perfect sommelier.  If you ever want to see how this job is done go and watch him work and it will make you want to follow in his footsteps.  We watched him go back and forth between tables, offering distinctive wines for each dish, decanting big Tuscan reds, coating each glass with the wine before each pour, then pouring without dropping a drop, using the service table, leaving the corks for the clients, just everything you’re suppose to do, right.  He puts so much care into every pour and is truly a wine aficionado.  He’s also very nice, with a great warm mischievous smile. Bravissimo!

A local after dinner digestive drink
a wine I dream of someday drinking
some super Tuscans
Giuseppe doing what he does best
some special bottles 
some vintage wine in the
red wine cellar

details of the Private Room
a little pink grapefruit
granita palate cleanser
details of the cellar

After dinner he took his time to take us on a tour of the 2 cellars, downstairs were the whites and upstairs were the reds, along with a desert wine room in process.  What a collection there was!  Ok, if I were to be locked into a room I wouldn’t mind being locked in there.
In my opinion a true sign of a really serious wine list is when there is a choice of vintages available.  This means a “COLLECTION”.  Many Italian wineries have been scrutinized for not building a wine library.  It is really important to do this so that you have a reference point of the evolution of each wine.

homemade bread

a souvenir of a wonderful evening
back label
The Wine we choose, which was
also the suggested pairing
on the well thought out menu

I noticed that Giuseppe asked which vintage would you prefer?  What a wonderful option.  These days commonly in restaurants and Enotecas’ the choice is the current vintage and that’s it.  If you can afford to build a collection, do it by all means.  It’s important and shows a sign of growth and patience.  I’m working on practicing what I preach. 
sugary details
a desert tasting

Private Table
Giuseppe in his office

Private Table

First Course
Presentation of the first course
Black Cod Skin
Black Cod Platter
The Stairs to the Red Wine Cellar
Main Room
welcome appetizer
Aperitivo to start...a simple
Billecart Salmon Rosé
Decor Details
Looks like a great tasting!
Dinning Room
the Menu
the writing is on the dialect
The Bar

Place Setting
Hunting Decor

more writing on the wall

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