Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Osteria Del Circo, Madonna di Campiglio, March 6, 2014

It has been my experience that Hotel Restaurants are usually not the best, and are generally used as a last resort when you’re too tired to go out of the hotel. In Madonna di Campiglio this is not the case.  In fact, all of the best restaurants we ate at where hidden inside the hotels.  The hotels had their standard hotel restaurant, and then they also had a specialty restaurant.

Our first choice of hotels was the Cristal Palace Campiglio Alpine Hotel, but it was completely booked.  We were still intrigued by it and read great things about their Osteria Del Circo, so we made dinner reservations.  They offered their own taxi service to and from our hotel too which was great.
As we came down the honey colored wooden staircase, we entered into a room filled with warm light, piano bar music and movement. Our jackets were shuffled off and we decided to stay at the bar for a splendid bubbly, Ferrari Riserva Del Fondatore (complimentary).
Then we were guided through the bustling hotel restaurant dining room, where the dinner  buffet was in full action.  All the food looked great  and well stocked.
Main hotel dining room after everyone left

Then a ruby red velvet curtain was opened and we entered into the circo! The host gave us a choice of 3 tables and we choose the corner one. 
As we were reading the menu, some interesting looking, serious and tall gentlemen came in and sat at the table next to us.  The one Italian speaking of the three immediately asked the waiter for a menu in Russian. The waiter said we don't have one but we have Sascha, I’ll send him right away.  Sasha arrived subito and basically read the complete menu by memory in Russian.  He was very efficient.
Back to our table, we ordered some pretty filling plates and enjoyed every bit.  The owner came to our table and introduced himself and gave us one of his music CD’s.  He was so nice.
The trip advisor questions came up and we were encouraged to explore that option.  I, of course wrote a nice little review for them.

Unfortunately it was really really dark and the photo’s didn’t come out that well.
Graziano's sausage, potato
& sauerkraut plate

Osteria Del Circo
our friendly waiter was from the Marche region,
and yes, his tie is plastic, really fun
A locale Trentino wine from the Tenuta San Lorenzo,
a Merlot and Carménère blend, nice but a little too young

I thought this mirror was fantastic, a little creepy
but like a scene on a film on a boat or something...
seasoned alpine butters
Graziano's Pasta
an Alpine classic, polenta & cervo (venison) 
After dinner drinks

fun & creative table setting
loved the silverware & mis en place
my big ravioli

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