Friday, February 17, 2017

Kokotxa, San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain

There are a lot and I do mean a lot of Michelin starred restaurants to choose from in San Sebastian.  Actually there are a lot of fantastic places to dine in San Sebastian.  3 stars is too much for me, not that I’ve ever had the occasion, but it’s just too much for me.  I choose Kokotxa because I read about it in a few blogs and seemed like our style of a place.
We were not disappointed and to top it off was one of the best meals in San Sebastian.

The staff was young and friendly and really worked as a team.  It had that energy, which is what makes a restaurant flow and feel good.  It’s important.

The Chef Daniel Lopez 

Graziano's Whiskey

The pre-desert

the Rioja white wine

the beautiful white wine

sea bass from the market menu


fish flatware

The Desert Txotx

taken from a traditional Cider House recipe composed of a walnut cake, gazta zaharra cream & cider sheep's milk ice cream!

best shrimp I've ever had in my life!

lobster bisque

simple & clean, white, wood & glass

complimentary aperitif 

simple no frills dining room

complimentary antipasto 

3 Carabineros! Heads or tails !

a mustard dipping sauce for the housemade breadsticks 

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