Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What a difference a vermouth makes!

Martini’s are my weakness sometimes.  My first martini was with my dear friend Sue.  Yes, Sue is guilty of introducing me to this classic cocktail, that sometimes just really hits the spot.  
Martini Riserva
Then the second one gives you the complete attitude adjustment you needed for making it in the first place.  That said, let’s talk about what makes a great martini shall we?
Back to the first martini’s with Sue.  She used to make it with vodka, if I’m not mistaken we used Skye, Stoli or Absolute Vodka and the usual Martini Dry Vermouth.  Glasses well chilled with ice first, then we had this spray vermouth thing that we used sometimes, but usually just a capful of vermouth. In the ice filled classic stainless steel shaker, and like a good Bond Girl, shaken, not stirred.
Olives on the special shell tipped toothpicks and that was it. Great memories. Great Martini’s, thanks Sue!
Recently I had to fulfill a minimum order with one of my wine reps and I came across this special vermouth called Riserva Carlo Alberto in the catalogue.  I asked my wine guy what it was like? Naturally he didn’t know, but he said that certain bartenders swear by it and think it’s great.  I said ok, I’ll take one red and one dry (white).  With a cold winter ahead, maybe no vacation, for sure some Manhattan’s and Martini’s to look forward to would be exciting.
I have to say that this vermouth makes for a completely different cocktail. Completely!
I have switched from vodka to gin because I’m crazy about Hendrick’s Gin and that together with the Vermouth are out of this world.
I haven’t made a Manhattan yet, but I made a Negroni and it was quite good too.  
my Negroni Riserva

The Campari covers the vermouth, so you can’t quite taste it as much as you can in the Martini.
It’s not cheap though so I’m trying to make it last.  It cost’s more than double of what regular Martini Vermouth costs.

Always something new to discover.

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