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L'Ones, Infusi Naturali, November 11, 2013

workshop of artisan natural infusions of the Dolomites
A couple of years ago we were on our ski vacation in the Italian Dolomites.  As usual we stumbled into a great wine and spirits shop near Ortisei in Val Gardena.  So, I forget the name of the wine shop, but I remembered that it was there where we bought this fantastic digestive spirit called Al Cirmolo made by L’Ones. 
Being that I have never been to a distillery, I thought since we were on our way up to Merano we could go check this place out.
I called about a month in advance and spoke with the owner, who was very nice, about visiting his distillery.  He said to just call back a week before you come and we’ll would make an appointment.  He said he is always there and he doesn’t have any employee’s.

Guided by our special Garmin GPS (which always seems to take the scenic route) took us through a backroad/shortcut (but not really) which was a really beautiful drive up to Panchià.  
I would actually like to go back to that area and stay someday.  Apart from the backroad, we found the place with no problems at all.
We were greeting warmly by Massimo, the creator/owner, who took us through his distillery, which is a one-man operation.  We got to see the vats full of recently picked wild local herbs, buds and cones.  
Rosa Canina

I told Massimo that I had a cold coming on and asked if he had any suggestions on a cure.  So he had me climb up on this little vat ladder and take a deep in-hail of the newly picked Al Pino Mugo. 
Pino Mugo

It smelled amazing, and instantly started to clear my sinuses, so I went up for second whiff.  Kind of like smelling Vic’s vapor rub, minus the chemicals & greasy crap. I have to say that this helped a lot.  I also followed his advice and drank shots of the Al Pino Mugo twice a day for 2 days and it worked great.

  I was not going to let a stupid cold ruin my action packed wine experience extended weekend!
Prugnole Selvatiche

We tasted through all 9 of his wonderful Bevande Spiritosi as he likes to call them.  This would translate to Spirits Drinks or libations maybe.
L’Ones by the way is a nickname of the old owner of the farmhouse/distillery.  The ever so chic logo is the name simply handwritten by Massimo.

Packaging Room

label stand-manually done

Tasting Room

Here’s my tasting notes from L’Ones
1.    Al Mirtillo                                     ★★★
 Wild blueberries which grow spontaneously in the woods
 Not sweet & not aromatic
2.    Alla Rosa Canina                          ½
       Gives you 50 times more vitamin C than eating a citrus fruit
       Reminded me a little of Sherry
3.    Alla Prugnole Selvatiche               ★★
A very bitter fruit which has a flavor like cherries but sweeter and smooth
4.    Al Lupino Tostato di Anterivo      ★★★
A blue lupine.  During the war they toasted it and used it instead of coffee. 
On the nose it was like rum.
This was one that I wasn’t going to taste either, but…
5.    Al Cumino Montano                      ★★
It has many digestive qualities, but isn’t an Amaro (Bitter)
Has a fantastic exotic aroma.  Graziano liked it so much.
This was one that I wasn’t going to taste either, but I was glad I did!
6.    Al Cirmolo                                     
Very medicinal smelling and balsamic
7.    Al Pino Mugo                                ★★★
Resin of miniature Mountain Pine Cones for coughs and colds
8.    Grappa Schönsberg                       ★★
80% Pinot Noir 40% Sauvignon 15% Traminer
Massimo made the grappa how he likes it, very smooth
9.    Alla Genziana
is a root which is very digestive
the first sip is very arrogant (as Massimo said)
very healing for the stomach and also good for headaches
This is a traditional recipe of Trentino
dried herbs display

above L'Ones

near L'Ones

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