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Degustazione, Gruner Veltliner, Merano Wine Fest 2013

Merano Wine Festival 2013
Saturday November 9, 2013
Hotel Terme Merano 
Degustazione Master Class
Emmerich Knoll, Wachau, GrÜner Veltliner 1970-2009

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a guided vertical tasting, so I thought it was time to do so.   I booked my place 2 months before the event.  Good thing because I checked the attendance count 3 weeks later and it was almost completely booked.  I believe 60 total was the limit, and it was a good crowd, not too many not to few.  What really impressed me was the level of people in the tasting.  The tasters were distinguished French winemakers, critics, writers, bloggers, and us of course.  My husband, hobby sommelier and business partner, Doreen, great friend, hobby sommelier, and Natasha another great friend, and wine aficionado, who likes to remain anonymous.
Ian D'Agata, Emmerich Knoll and the translator
I couldn’t have picked a better place, wine or tasting guide to have done it with.
I chose this wine because of the year, being a seventies girl I wanted to try a wine from the year in which I was born.  The first and only disappointment of the tasting was that the 1970 GrÜner did not show up!  Did not show up, kind of like attendance in school.  Where it was remained undisclosed, but it did not make it in my glass and I was very disappointed about this.
The tasting was lead by wine expert, Ian D’Agata
who made the usual dry and boring wine tasting into a very entertaining hour.  He’s just a funny guy, who doesn’t try to be funny.  He engages everyone to be a part of the tasting and is very knowledgeable about wine and languages.

My tasting notes are as follows

FYI, In my personal tasting notes I do a 1-4 star rating, 4 being amazing.  No stars means it didn’t do much for me and a – means I wouldn’t drink it again.

1.     2012 which they said was a good year for GrÜner                              
comes from sandy soil vineyard
2.         2012 Smarag late harvest with 14% alcohol                                                        
3.         2010 Lowenberg, this is their most famous vineyard, which is 5-6 years old
very aromatic, green olive 13,5% alcohol                                                            ★★
4.         2009 Loibner, a very high level of hand selected grapes 14% alcohol           ★★
5.         2008                           
6.         2001 Schutt, a vineyard located between two valleys in a very cold zone
            more refined. Smokey                                                                                            ★★
7.         1999 Smarag Selezione Vinotek, this Vinotek Label is meant to age longer.
8.         1997 Schutt

Loibenberg is better in cooler years

Schutt is better in hotter years

9.         1993 Loibner Schutt Federspiel
            Smalto (wet paint or nail polish)     ok

10.       1991 Smaragd Loibner "Reid Loibenberg" ok

11.       Beerenauslese ★★

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