Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cantina Alois Lageder

South Tyrol wine road sign
the road on the way to the winery

main gate to the winery
the small town

Picasso style art

happy to be here

a rose is a rose

mixed oak barrels

Austrian Oak
French Oak

main dining area

open bar prep space, clean essential and sturdy

enjoying the company

Tasting Notes

1.     2012 Haberle, Pinot Bianco, convenzionale
clean, soft acidity
2.     2012, Gaun Chardonnay biological
light, fresh
3.    2012 Lehen, Sauvignon convenzionale
quite floral with citrus notes                                               ★★
4.     2012 Beta Delta, Pinot Grigio & Chardonnay biological
nice nose                                                                        
5.     2012 Rain, (love the name) Riesling convenzionale
bellissimo! Very floral, freisa                                            ★★★
6.     2012 Vogelmaier, Moscato Giallo convenzionale           ★★

Maso, casa di montagna
7.     2011 Amsand (name of the vineyard), Gewurztraminer biological
sweet nose, honey, smells sweet but finishes dry, chick wine
8.    2002 Amsand
green olives, smalto.  Still drinking well
9.     2011 Cason Hirschprunn, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay & Viogner
needs more time, you can still smell the wood.            
10. 2009 Cason Doreen liked it.                              

11.  2010 Lowengang, Chardonnay biological                      ★★
like a blend of Chassagne Montrachet & Chablis biological
12.  2012 Oberingram St. Magdalener (name of the vineyard), Schiava & Lagrein
light typical red of Northern Italy
13. 2009 Krafuss, Pinot Noir                                          ★★★
Strawberry with a smokey finish
14.  2009 Lindenburg, Lagrein  
too tight, needs time, maybe 3 years
15.  2009 Cason, Merlot, Cabernet, Lagrein & Petit Verdot
balsamic notes, old barrels ok
16.  2009 Lowengang, Cabernet Franc & Cabernet Sauvignon
classic profumo. Graziano & Natasha liked it, I didn’t.
17.  2011 MMXI, Merlot from 50 year old vines                     
18. 2008 Cor Romigberg, Cabernet Sauvignon & Petit Verdot
red bell peppers, very vegetable, nice                ★★
19.  2011 Rosenmuskateller, Moscato Rosa               
the nose smells like roses                                      ★★

so many wonderful wines to try
french style courtyard outside tasting room
the reds
simplicity works
bread and crackers
risotto with taleggio, yummm!
steak and potatoes is true comfort food
calm colors, with glass ceramic and wood
venison salad for me, it was all about deer this weekend
fresh flowers add a touch of life and nature

transparency is important in all aspects of life

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