Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Merano Wine Festival Bio and Dynamica 2013

a taster

Dwight Stanford of PS Cantina
Friday we entered into a calm group of organic mostly European wine producers who seem happy and eager to pour their wines for you.

As usual we stared out with the whites, then worked up to the reds. Some interesting whites we enjoyed were from Austria. Actually almost all the whites we tried at the festival were from Austria. I have to admit that I was driven toward them because it's something new for me. One of the things I love so much about wine is the endless discovery of new wines the world has to offer.

We had the pleasure of tasting the wines of a new entry winery of my friend Dwight Stanford of PS Winery. I have to say I was really proud of him getting into the event. I remember 2 years ago going to the festival together and he brought samples of his wines to give out to judges on the tasting panel, and he said I hope my wines get into this festival it will be a dream come true if my wines get in this event. 2 years later here he was proudly pouring his wines for whoever was curious enough to try them and it was really an accomplishment. I personally liked the Offida Rosso and the Merlot. My friend Naomi made the label on the Offida Rosso, which features Dwight's dog Bacco,

and it's what the winery is all about. Complimenti Dwight and Naomi 

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