Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hotel Terme Merano 2013

literature options with alternative beliefs, a good thing
dog friendly hotel with all the comforts of home
I am drinking a martini in a margarita glass but....
Merano town center from the hotel
fun with friends
elegant modern lobby

aperitivo time

Merano wine festival 2013
This year marks my 2 nd Merano Wine Festival and now I'm thinking about making it an annual event.
We had the luxury of driving up the day before the 1st day, which was a nice way to get acclimated in the luxurious town of Merano.
Merano is a mix of German Italian where the German definitely prevails in the organizational part of the town and the Italian comes out in some of the style and food quality. It is always a pleasure to go to this town and festival.

For our lodging we chose the Merano Hotel Terme, again for the second time, and it didn't let us down. This time we got a room
our room
on the 3 rd floor, in a standard double room that faced the inner courtyard of the hotel. From our room we could see the steeple of the church and some small perfectly manicured vineyards and tips of snow covered mountains in the background. Absolutely stunning autumn colors of the dark brown mountains with crisp white snow randomly covering the coldest parts, and bright mustard yellow leaves of the vineyards.

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  1. What a great recap of Merano. Such fun and the entire trip was perfectly planned by Brenda. Nothing like spending time with good friends in a beautiful place tasting/drinking good wine. Thanks to my friends for a wonderful trip.