Wednesday, May 28, 2014

La Dispensa Di Amerigo, March 2014

At our first Les Caves de Pyrene tasting we went to in Florence, in 2012 I believe, we tasted these amazing artisan liquors from La Dispensa Di Amerigo.

La Dispensa di Amerigo

We liked them so much that we decided to get them for Vinosofia.  They have been selling quite well and their labels are just great.  I personally like them because they aren’t too sweet or syrupy like most digestive drinks.  They have distinct flavors and are smooth & well balanced.  They genuinely taste homemade and I like that.

The Italians who come into Vinosofia from the Emilia Romagna area say “oh you have La Dipensa Di Amerigo Liquors, have you been there?  It’s such a great Trattoria and their products are wonderful.”

Main dinning room of the Trattoria, now that's Italian!

As with all our products and wines we make a big effort to go see the places where they come from and meet the owners.  I want to know the people and the places so I can have my own reference point.  I also like to do my own little inspection for cleanliness and the reality of the situation.  Need I say more? Didn’t think so.  Anyway…
This winter we had the chance to go to La Dispensa di Amerigo.  Unfortunately being off-season, the Trattoria was closed for lunch and the laboratory was closed too for the season.  

The actual Dispensa was open though and we got to see this very cool retro food shop.  

cool, old school bakery down the street from La Dispensa

a few of the many homemade sauces

I thought it was really really cool, like going back in time. 

the oh-so-retro bar of the Trattoria, with their 

homemade liquors on the left

details of the Trattoria

antique plates and accessories also for sale


upstairs there was a quite different dinning room 

with beautiful linens

the main Piazza of Savigno, in the country near Bologna

We got a bunch of their products to try for future additions to the Vinosofia Alimentari di Lusso section of our shop.

just like old times

For more info

Beatrice at La Dispensa Di Amerigo

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