Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Les Caves de Pyrene, May 12, 2014

Vini di Territorio, Rome
lupus un tabula vinum in tabula

a touch of personality

easy to find the place with signs
in all the right places

The part about this career I have chosen for myself in the fantastic world of wine are days like these.
What are days like these?
Days like these are as they say in Italian, "una giornata diversa", a different day, not the usual.
And how are these days different from the rest?
Well, Graziano always takes the day off for a Les Caves Tasting, and that’s reason enough to celebrate.
Then we go somewhere in Tuscany or Rome just to taste wine all day for our enoteca, vinosofia.  The  selection of unique wines at vinosofia comes primarily from Les Caves distribution.  These wines are produced by usually young, passionate producers, with a small production, and are truely genuine.

unique artisan vinegar, I liked the Vinaigre de Muscat the best

vinegar tasting

Need I mention that all the wines in vinosofia are put through my strict headache test tasting as well.  This means that they have minimal intervention in the vineyards & winery. 

Cristiano, President of Les Caves & Vinaigrerie Artisanale La Guinelle lady 

Basically no added crap to make it look, smell or taste like something that it’s not. 
You know what I’m saying?

Les Caves always has these cool original art posters

Champagne Guy

Champagne Lady

we started out in this outdoor building 

where all the european wines were

some nice sydre

Gosset-Brabant Champagne, Ay
My favorites were Champagne Tradition Premier Cru Brut, 

Reserve Grand Cru Brut,
and Reserve Grand Cru Brut Nature

these are the Champagnes that we have at vinosofia

Graziano & Valter our rep.

fountain of....

the sweet French Wine Guy

Italian Wine rep at the French table

delicious Spanish Prosciutto

excellent vintage

Il Signore del Balgera, Valtellina

bucket lighting

Here’s some photo’s of our giornata diversa, enjoy.

Best wines of the tasting-some fantastic Spanish discoveries like I have never tasted before, the Terra de Cuques was a Muscat & Chenin Blanc that was excellent, the Pedra de Guix was nice and we really enjoyed the Torroja, a Grenache-fantastico!

a major vertical tasting of Balgera, Valtellina from 1999-2006 

Local Boy Peter Heilbron of
Bellafonte in Montefalco holding his
new baby Trebbiano Spoletino

Buonissima Bresaola

I need this t-shirt!

Fattoria San Lorenzo 

lost in thought

At this tasting there were 234 european wines.  We tasted 57!  
I taste, but I spit out everything but the champagne.  
Graziano on the other hand tastes, and swallows, but holds it all together and enjoys every moment of it.

the confident Spanish wine guy

Spanish Table

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