Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Vespasia, July 2014

This summer we took a mini vacation to Le Marche.  On the way there Graziano said we could stop in Norcia for lunch and have fish.  I said, "Fish in Norcia, that's weird".  It was sooooo good that we also went there on our way home!  Two times in one week and I am really looking forward to the next.  They have a really interesting wine list too.  Lots of organic labels.

what a gorgeous presentation of red shrimp

Emanuele Mazzella the chef from Ischia, a man who knows how to do fish!

my raw fish appetizer

superb organic white from Gavi, 100% Cortese



chips staged on farro

In good company

appetizer details 

smoked mackerel

Palazzo Seneca, Norcia

piano lounge

front door entry

Vespasia Lounge

silverware makes everything taste better

aperitif was served with 

a lovely Trento DOC

wonderful Sommelier Mauro of Vespasia

homemade bread box


homemade breadsticks

fried mussels dipped in saffron mayo

unsurpassed attention to detail 

by far the most beautiful presentation of linguine I've ever seen placed before me

Fresh fish in Norcia? Why not!

A mini masterpiece tartar of amberjack with wild greens, cucumber and dots of ricotta & candied lemon

a very nice gesture, a gift of
locally made jams

Beatrice loves dog friendly restaurants

main dinning room of Vespasia

complimentary appetizer

Graziano's tortellini

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