Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summa15, March 21,2015

ready to go!

nice organized tasting notebooks


the main palazzo


this was a GREEN EVENT

the local press was there

that's where we're going

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local fashion statement, having a beer after a full day of wine

candles filled every room

this was the main room where all the German, Austrian, 

& French wines were, where we focused on

attention to atmosphere

special guest

delicious tasting table filled with local charcuterie

a little speck tasting

this was my favorite

I've always wanted to taste wines from these bottles, so unique

here I am with the wonderful host of the event Mr. Alois Lageder

lots of fresh mountain water to drink

attention to environmental issues

Stube, a antique ceramic fireplace in the Palazzo

cool classic wallpaper

finished off the day with some bubbly

this was nice

Organic Line, excellent

This was good

follow the turquoise dot road

The bathrooms were clean and well
organized with a shelf to rest your
wine glass and notes.

these dots lead you to the winery
where the lunch was held

Cream of mushroom soup

simple tomato sauce spaghetti

VERRIGNI pasta from Abruzzo

roasted fish

gorgeous ceiling

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