Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Due Cigni

March 6, 2016
A couple times a year we venture out to the outlets in the Marche.  On this day we didn't have enough time to make it out to the sea for lunch so I did some restaurant research, off the internet.  
In this beautiful cookbook that I bought years ago at Uliassi restaurant,  "Sapori e Colori delle Marche"  I found under the Province of Macerata the Ristorante Due Cigni (2 swans). What a wonderful discovery!
This is a restaurant that you go to for the food and wine.  The location is what it is...close to the outlets and the decor is aesthetically very 80's, but that's ok.  The chef and owner, Rosaria is a wonderful, sincere person who made our visit unique.
We opted for the seafood specialities and devoured every bit with pleasure.  The wine list is great too with a strong focus on regional wines.


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