Sunday, June 12, 2016

PART I Sushi... in a land locked region

IL VIZIO, June 2015
Being a native Californian, I find myself continually craving good raw fish...and believe me it's hard to find in this land locked region.  Thank god after almost 16 years in Italy, Sushi has really taken off in Umbria in the last 2 years. Recently there are more and more sushi restaurants popping up, some near, some far, and all worth the effort, and money in my opinion.
One of my favorites is Il Vizio, located on the outskirts of Perugia.  I know, a Best Western Hotel restaurant, near Perugia is already a big turn off, but believe me the sushi will turn you on!  After you get over the location, and breeze through the indoor/outdoor smoking zone that reeks, you will start to let all that go.  The crowd is usually people on business.  The decor very modern.  The wine list good and the sushi really good.  There is an open kitchen and almost all Italian staff.  The name Il Vizio means vice, or bad habit.

ILVIZIO, vino, a Trento DOC that pairs really well with sushi
IL VIZIO, mise en place, modern clean and unique
IL VIZIO, a little complimentary appetizer 
IL VIZIO, a little complimentary appetizer,
great presentation and delicious too! 
IL VIZIO, vino-back label 
IL VIZIO, wake, seaweed salad
IL VIZIO, gambero  rosso
IL VIZIO, uramaki, special rolls
IL VIZIO, uramaki rainbow roll
IL VIZIO, Anguilla Nigiri
just chillin'

here's the linkù-ristorante-il-vizio.aspx

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